Through owning different specifications, Palladium Tower, built in 2014, raises as plus A office project just opposite to the Palladium Shopping Mall, which is the most prestigious shopping mall of Anatolian Side, and in Ataşehir region where the finance world will take form. Palladium Tower is becoming one of the most conveniently accessible offices of Anatolian Side by providing miscellaneous transportation facilities for the people who use collective transportation because of its closeness to metro, metrobus or bus stations or the people who want to go by car because of its close-range to both of the bridges.

Palladium Shopping Mall: 0 m
E-6: 500 m
Metro: 500 m
Ataşehir Center: 1 km
E-5: 1 km
Metrobus: 3 km
Sea Bus – Ferry Port: 4 km
Kadıköy Center: 6 km
Sabiha Gökçen Airport: 25 km
Atatürk Airport: 35 km